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As you may have seen, today is a landmark day in the Crewparty community as we upgrade the site and create new improvements and functionality.

The best improvement yet, is Crewpartys groundbreaking and innovative Labels feature. Everything on Crewparty is now based under the labels dropdown and you are the first users in the world to really test this new technology. Create a new label and watch as your favourite artist, hobby, or topic comes to life in your feeds. Videos, Tweets and photos will automatically appear and you can invite all your friends to write and talk about your favourite topic. Its that simple!

You need to know just one thing to navigate the new site. Want to send an email? Click on email under the My Labels dropdown. Want to send an SMS? Yep, you guessed it! Click on SMS under the My Labels dropdown. Its all there.

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(For example go to: – My Profile > My Labels > SMS – You are now ready to send an SMS!)

Were really excited to introduce you with the worlds first Social Label Network. Be the first ones to create the most exciting and largest label following. Its up to you how quickly you can imagine and create to best label with the best social content.

a little bit about technolagy and the communication services on Crewparty, well, the free unlimited sms service of isn’t new to the communication world, as it’s been productively utilized in the mobile phones and parallel handheld devices. Recently the SMS tools is effectively and easily utilized throughout the web. A web site like which has free unlimited sms service will do a heap of things easier and quicker. Web SMS is used for authentication of user accounts, marketing campaigns etc. and also the opportunities are endless. The free unlimited sms service providers are making the implementation method thus simple and it’s like simply a walk in the playground.

Net free unlimited sms service such as the one provided by technology utilizes SMS messages by means of internet sites and similar internet based mostly applications. The free unlimited sms service are sent manually, automatically or by alerts or by triggers that are specified by the positioning manager. This extraordinary technology throughout the Net creates a full new dimension to on-line activities. It conjointly exposes the user’s on-line presence to the audience during a different platform. Net free unlimited sms are applied in websites and in overall business practice in numerous ways. A number of them are:

Through internet SMS, a message will be forwarded to a web site’s owner if a replacement order wants to be placed by means that of their on-line store. If you’re a new user who wish to hitch a website, through internet SMS you’ll be able to send them a verification code to their cellular phone so that the small print furnished are right. Free unlimited sms service are used as valuable selling tool for selling purposes. Web free unlimited sms is employed for promoting competitions, product releases, offer away’s and campaigns. If your website is community based, you can give free unlimited sms service to your online community with restricted range of SMS messages free per month. Thanks to any technical reason if any error occurs at intervals your community net based application level, you’ll be able to send a net free unlimited sms to your site administrator so as to inform about the matter’s incident. By using “Speak to us form” several users can submit information and also the reply will be sent through net Free SMS to the involved person instead of sending emails. The users will conjointly send Free SMS to the web site to inform their details, response submission and for sending post online.

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From the on top of, you can see that the uses of this technology throughout the World Wide Web are numerous. Registering Web to a free unlimited sms service such as conjointly brings a additional effective, economical and user-friendly experience. As business is regarding client service it will be achieved effectively by applying Web free unlimited sms in all the areas of business.

The main advantage is net free unlimited sms. Though SMS via transportable appear to be low-cost, but after you send several SMS the value to be paid mounts up. Internet free unlimited sms are quicker and easier to write down and edit than a cell phone. Even the lately introduced cellular phone provide predictive text messaging and it’s difficult for the user to jot down messages. You can use only one finger to type messages during a pc and is quicker than writing in cell phones and strain is a smaller amount for the fingers also. Web SMS will be scheduled based on priority and there’s no necessity to send all your SMS immediately. Internet SMS are largely free and no international rates are charged.

to sum, i recomend anyone who havent yet joined us, to register now to the free unlimited sms service of todnt miss on that great opportunity.

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News update ! Check it out. Labels technolagy and Free unlimited SMS with }