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Submitted by: Arunas Michael

Choosing an accommodation in and around the airport terminal is one of the most important criteria for people who regularly tend to travel. The reason being that it gives them the opportunity to catch their early morning flight easily! But then again this is not as easy as it seems as the chances of getting accommodating places both for themselves as for their vehicles is rather difficult. Fortunately the inhabitants of Gatwick dont have to pester their brains regarding this matter. The Gatwick terminals consist of several hotels as well as car parking facilities to serve the travellers. In this article we are going to deal about one such adequate service provider. So, all those who are interested just read the article which descends.

General overview:

The name of the service provider which we are going to address to our readers is the Europa Hotel Gatwick and parking service. Though Gatwick is a place which is stacked up with several hotels, parking bays and resorts, this one in particular has a class of its own. The thing which makes them so exclusive among their accomplices is their customer service. Their main obligation is to serve the needs and requirements of their customers making sure that their wishes are granted with via every possible manner.

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The facilities they offer:

There are several people who like to take their vehicles to the airport. Also many carry several luggage and excess baggage such as golf clubs, or cameras along for their holidays. For those genres of people the Europa Hotel Gatwick and parking service is just the thing for them. They not only provide them comfortable rooms where they can put their bodies to rest, but also renders top class vehicle parking facilities. Their rooms may not be five star standards or seven star standards but when it comes to comfort; their facilities are second to none. They provide their customers offers such as the stay and fly offer, where customers can stay the day/night before their scheduled flights and catch up with it, the day after. In this package they also include car parking facilities where car owners can park their vehicles on their own and also take the keys along. There are several buses which transport the travellers to the terminals so that that they reach the airport with sufficable time to spare.

Some of their car parking facilities comprise of adequately sealed compounds, top-class surveillance cameras, security guards etc. so that no chances of miss-haps occur. As far as their accommodation is concerned they comprise of facilities such as health clubs, courtyards, mouth-watery restaurants, gyms for exercise, soft beds, adequate rooms etc. Their location is also very adequate. They are neither too far for the travellers to have any difficulty in reaching the terminals nor too close to the airport to disturb their clients beauty sleep.


Thus all in all for all those who regularly travel from the Gatwick airport and need adequate hotel as well as car parking facilities, this one in focus is definitely worth trying out!

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